This is Miguel…

He is 5 years old…

He was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) on 12/18/20

Miguel or “Migo” as some call him, was diagnosed with AML 12/18/2020 but we were told 12/17/2020 “I believe your son has leukemia, and you need to get the girls bags packed and head to Cook Children’s ASAP, the call has been made and they’re waiting for you guys to come through the ER to be admitted.” 

Longest drive we have ever made to Ft Worth as we loaded the family of 5 in the car and drove from Iowa Park to drop the girls off, then they to Cook Children’s Hospital. 

Since 12/17/2020 Miguel hasn’t left, only up to the 5th floor, which is for oncology, only been able to physically see his sisters once right before Christmas, and has undergone 2 rounds of chemo, multiple bone marrow biopsy’s, and tried to understand what is going on within his body and get use to only having either mom or dad be able to be with him right now. 

He’s been the most resilient and strong 5-year-old boy I’ve ever seen throughout this entire journey. As his oncologist told us AML treatment is so aggressive that it can be extremely hard on him, and hard on us to watch our baby endure the chemo and the side effects along with the rest of what comes with this journey. We are still in the phase of waiting on our next biopsy date since completing round 2 of his chemo and waiting on his counts to recover but all in all he’s handling this like a little champ.

Please pray for Miguel and his family as he fights!

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