This is Juliana (Ana’s Army)

She is 2 years old

She was diagnosed with Stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma Cancer on July 11, 2020

Juliana is a sweet and cuddly 2-year-old. She loves animals, music, and books. She loves her two sisters and her mommy, but her biggest love is probably her daddy. Juliana came into this world at 30 weeks along with her identical twin sister. At 11 days old, she developed necrotizing enterocolitis. She went into emergency surgery that day. She has had an ostomy, a g-button, and a few GI surgeries among other things. She spent three months in the NICU before joining us at home. 

Last December (2019), she and her twin sister were home with her daddy when he passed away very suddenly of a CHD. My heart broke for all of my children, but it broke in a special way for Juliana. That was her best friend. She was his little buddy. They had a bond that was almost surreal. They understood each other. They could speak without saying a word. Juliana has provided me with so much peace throughout our loss. She tells me that daddy is ok, and daddy is home. She began to say those things to me before I ever said anything to her. She understands things in an incredible way. 

In late June, I had noticed that her right eye wasn’t tracking quite as well as her left eye. It appeared as if she couldn’t see very well out of it. We made an appointment with the eye doctor and went about our way while awaiting that appointment. On 7/11, she woke up incredibly fussy and immediately I noticed her gait was off. She was running into objects, doors, walls. She was walking with her hands out. I took her to the ED at one of our local hospitals. Several hours later, our world was shattered. CT showed a mass. 

Over the course of the next 24-36 hours, she developed several other issues like increased cranial pressure and permanently loss of vision in both eyes. She started radiation and then she began chemo. She had 6 rounds of chemo and a stem cell transplant.  After her stem cell transplant, we were told that she was no longer responding to treatment and the decision was made to switch her from active treatment to comfort care. 

We’re going to fight for as long as this girl wants us to fight with her. I’m not nearly as strong as she is but that’s what her Ana’s Army page is for. She’s surrounded by people that are going to help lift her up and fight this with her.  We would love to spread her story and get as many prayers for her as we can. 

Please pray for Juliana and her family as she continues to fight!

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