This is Haysley…..

She is 15 months old……

She was diagnosed with Grade III Ependymoma on 11/7/2020

Haysley is the 15-month-old daughter of Sloan and Taylor Baham and the twin sister to Kaizlynn. She underwent brain surgery on November 7th, 2020 to have a tumor removed and later that month diagnosed with an aggressive type of brain cancer. 

She has undergone two rounds of chemo so far and will have to do radiation and four more rounds of chemo. In the most recent MRI a growth of soft tissue and a small cyst were found and on January 26th, 2021 she underwent yet another brain surgery. She is now recovering from her 3rd brain surgery in less than 4 months. 

She is strong, courageous, and a fighter. She is a beacon of light for so many with a smile that lights up the world! We ask that everyone join us in prayer for the complete healing of our sweet baby girl! We would like to thank everyone for their continued love, support, and prayers! We know that our God is the Ultimate Healer!

Please pray for Haysley and her family as she continues this fight!

Follow Haysley’s journey here:


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