This is Pryce…..

He is 5 years old….

Pryce was first diagnosed August 2018 with Stage IV Neuroblastoma Cancer. He went through months of chemo, 2 stem cell transplants, 12 rounds of radiation, 8 rounds of immunotherapy, and multiple surgeries. He had his first clear scans August 2019. 

The celebration didn’t last long. His scans three months later showed new spots. In January 2020, Pryce couldn’t keep anything down and was very hard to wake up. We took him to the ER where doctors discovered a tumor a little larger than a golfball in his brain. They rushed him into emergency surgery and were able to get almost all of it out. He immediately began a new treatment plan with more chemo, radiation, and immunotherapy. 

We traveled from MI to NYC so Pryce could get a specialized treatment only offered at a handful of hospitals. Unfortunately, before he could start, scans showed had he relapsed again. This relapse was extensive. It covered most of his bones and there was a spot in his abdomen. They sent us back home for a different treatment. The treatment was successful, and Pryce had clear scans again in December 2020. 

We went back to NYC to begin the treatment he wasn’t able to do before. He completed one round February 2021. The team is divided in what Pryce should do next, so they are waiting until after Pryce’s scans in March.

Through it all, Pryce is still a typical 5-year-old. He loves going to kindergarten, building Lego, and playing with his four older siblings.

Please pray for Pryce and his family as he continues this fight!

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Cards can be sent to Pryce at:  3442 Aquarious Circle, Oakland, Michigan 48363

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