Addi’s Journey Devotional Book Launch

Addi’s Journey Devotional Book Launch


I am very excited to announce that I have published my first book!! I have put all the devotions I have shared on my blog along with a few others in a 30-day devotional book. 

So many of you asked for it so me and my husband prayed about it and decided to publish it. I pray that it will minister to your heart as I follow Gods guidance in each devotion that I write. 

I’m not a preacher, I have no formal education in writing…I’m just a vessel He is using to write from my heart, from life experience and lead by God and His word. I ask that He uses me to help others through this journey we are on in every way possible. 

This 30 day devotional, hardback book is 81 pages and the cost is $22.99. I truly appreciate every person who reads and purchases a copy. 

Follow this link to purchase a copy:…/addis-…/hardcover/product-ej748d.html

Thank you for your love and support! 

Much love ~ LaLa 

Book cover designed by Josie Parrish Productions

(Can be found on Etsy)

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