This is Weston

He is 13 months old

On July 18th, 2020 it seemed to be a normal day…..well that normal day turned into a nightmare. Out of nowhere, 6-month-old Weston started urinating blood, we rushed him straight to our local hospital where they ran every test they could. Turned out that Weston had a grapefruit size mass on his left kidney— thought to be Wilms. Our local hospital then sent us to the nearest children’s hospital which happens to be 2.5 hours away. Upon arrival they ran every test possible and agreed with our local hospital that it appears to be Wilms of the kidney. 

A month after diagnoses they removed Weston’s left kidney along with tumor— which was sent to pathology. A week after surgery we got the gut twisting news that this was no Wilms— it was indeed the worse type of solid tumor a child could have.. MRT— Maligned Rhabdoid Tumor of the kidney stage 3 as it has affected a lymph node. Weston underwent 6 days of back-to-back radiation and started an aggressive chemotherapy right away. Weston completed 7 cycles of chemo, on his 7th cycle we had a progression scan prior to discharge and found out that Weston’s tumor is back— during treatment. Weston is now 13 months old! As of now he is set to after yet another surgery to remove new tumor and then will start an inhibitor to see how his body/cancer reacts to it.

Weston was placed in Hospice care 4 days ago.  Please pray for Weston as he continues his fight!

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