This is Hannah Grace

She is 5 years old….

Hannah was diagnosed with embryonic rhabdomyosarcoma on Feb 15, 2017. She was 19 months old. She was given a good prognosis and endured 42 weeks of chemotherapy and a week of targeted radiation. She was in remission for almost a year. 

In October 2018, routine scans showed a large mass in Hannah’s uterus. She started a new chemotherapy protocol and in January of 2019, had a total hysterectomy, partial vaginectomy (at 3 years old). She finished chemotherapy in July of 2019, and we really thought we were done with cancer. 

In January of this year, routine scans showed a spot near her stomach. When her surgeon went in to remove the small mass, much more disease was discovered in Hannah’s abdomen. She is now on the most aggressive protocol that there is for rhabdomyosarcoma. Her prognosis is poor. This past May, she had a procedure called HIPEC. The surgeon made an incision down the length of her abdomen, removed all visible disease, removed her omentum, and then heated chemo was cycled through her abdomen. She has had many complications since that surgery, including a small bowel volvulus that required emergency surgery to resect a foot of her small bowel.

Is September of 2020, we traveled to Memorial Sloan Kettering for 3 weeks of photon radiation.  She is now on an oral chemo to try to prevent another relapse, but the future is very unknown. We are doing everything in our power to save her life, and we can use all the prayers we can get. Our girl is a fighter, and she is so, so strong. 

Please follow Hannah’s journey here:


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