THIS IS WHAT GOD CAN DO…..One year ago today Addi went into liver failure and was in critical condition and not expected to live. Every year going forward I’m just going to call it her miracle day because it’s a miracle she made it through the day! This is a video of photos from the 47 days she was in the hospital fighting for her precious life. Now look at her! These pictures are so hard to look at but what a reminder it is at what God can do, of His love, His mercy and His grace. Some photos in here I’ve never shared. One in particular is one of me in the bed with her. She was so critical that they were not sure she would make it so they wanted to give me an opportunity to snuggle with her in the event I never had the chance again. It was one I kept to cherish myself but now it’s a reminder of how good God truly is!

I cried as I watched the video as it’s such a reminder of how far my precious girl has come  in a year! This song by Riley Clemmons, “Fighting for Me” helped me through some hard days because it reminded me when we can’t do anything else…He is right there fighting when things get tough and that He loves Addi like no one else.

“When the going gets tough
And my strength’s not enough
I see You showing up like never before
You will never stop fighting for me
When I can’t fight for myself
Every word is a promise You keep
Cause You love me like nobody else”

So many prayed for Addi (and continue to pray for her) during this time and I know because of those prayers and Gods mercy….she is here today. On this day I want to THANK YOU for the thousands all over the world who prayed her through to the MIRACLE she is today. If you don’t believe….look at Addi and know….ONLY GOD! Addi’s team of doctors, nurses and therapists were sent by God to save her and I believe He gave them the wisdom to help her overcome all the odds….our family is forever grateful for her team that tirelessly fought for her!!

Remember this….when everyone is telling you to give up and there’s no hope….NEVER EVER GIVE UP because with God there’s always HOPE!

Today we are going to eat ice cream and celebrate my precious girls life and MIRACLE! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the many prayers said for Addi….💗

With a grateful heart ~ LaLa

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