I am getting a lot of messages asking about how to order my books and shipping time for the books that have been ordered. I just wanted to give you a quick update…..

When you order the “30-day Devotional Book” or “Addi’s Journey-A Story of Faith, Hope and Love Book”….you are ordering directly from the publishing company, so I am not shipping the books myself. The publishing company prints each book on demand (when ordered). Usual shipping time is 2-3 weeks. Due to Covid and holidays, the publishing company (Lulu) stated on their website that when ordering, that it could be delayed a little longer. You should have gotten an email when you ordered with a confirmation that included an order number. You can respond to that email that you received and they will give you an update usually within 24 hours.

If you want to order a book, please order from the links below each photo. I have no books on hand so please go to these links to order.

Addi’s story of course is very personal to me and writing it was like reliving so many parts of this journey. I shared so much about Addi’s life and our life in the book that I’ve not shared on social media and I pray that every person who reads the book can see through her life and our lives exactly what FAITH, HOPE and LOVE can do!

Thank you to each person who has already purchased a copy of the book. It has helped me be able to stay home with Addi while she’s in treatment, contributed to her medical/travel expenses and allowed us to help others who are in this battle. I am SO extremely grateful.

Follow this link to purchase “Addi’s Journey a Story of Faith, Hope and Love” book:

To order “Addi’s Journey 30-Day Devotional” book, follow this link:

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