This is Kadi…..

She is 12 years old….

My amazing and brave little warrior was diagnosed on April 4, 2019 with high grade Osteoblastic osteosarcoma of the left fibula. The cancer was localized meaning it hadn’t spread and her prognosis was good! She completed 28 total weeks of chemotherapy and had a surgery to remove 2/3 of her fibula bone. Unfortunately, her perennial nerve was wrapped around the tumor and had to be cut leaving her with permanent drop foot. Chemo worked well and she was declared cancer free November of 2019. 

Sadly, this didn’t last long, and a large tumor was found on her pelvis just a few months later in June of 2020. She endured 6 more grueling cycles of a different chemotherapy regimen and had an extensive surgery to remove the tumor. The subtype of her cancer changed from Osteoblastic to Chondroblastic making it resistant to chemo so we weren’t sure if the treatment would help her but we learned a week after surgery that the tumor was 100% dead!! A miracle from God! 

We were told that due to the nature of her relapse (the short time it took to relapse, the change of subtype, the rarity of the location) that she’d likely continue to relapse again and again. She completed relapse treatment in November and had the surgery to remove the tumor December 4, 2020. The tumor and half of her pelvis was removed and replaced with donor bone from a deceased child, by Gods good grace the bone fit perfectly, and she was up and walking with a walker 3 days later. 

She may never walk unassisted and will for certain never run again or play sports however we thank God for the tumor even being able to be removed and that she’s walking because there was a time both of those things were uncertain! Kadi had end of treatment scans a little over a month ago and unfortunately there was nodules found in her right lung. There’s a very good chance that these nodules are cancerous, and she will be back in treatment. As it stands they’re labeling her as in active treatment because she was never able to be declared NED (no evidence of disease). If these are found to be osteosarcoma this will be considered another relapse. 

As it stands now Kadis prognosis is 20% that she’ll survive long term and as her oncologist put it “she’ll have to miraculously beat the odds because they are stacked against her”. Please pray for my precious girl and thank you for reading our story, the information to Kadis pages is attached to this post as well as the link for her GoFundMe if you feel moved to donate. We appreciate and love everyone who follows, prays and donates!! God Bless you!!

Please pray for Kadi and her family as she continues to fight!

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Cards can be sent to Kadi at this address:  PO Box 180, Augusta, Wisconsin 54722

Much Love ~ LaLa

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